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Willow's Home

Personal Work, Exhibited

Notice me.


Do you see me?
No, really see me.

Look closer. Stay a little while. Hold my hand.
Look again. Don’t blink. I’m changing. Still growing.

Wait a moment; spare some time to take it all in.

Can you see me now?

I promise there is more.

Interested in the ideas of capturing time, the poetics of space and the analysis of human behaviour and how this subsequently can be told through abstract narratives. Everything surrounding us is a hidden secret to something more, from the habits we perform to the way a space is organised. I wanted the viewer to look as closely at these veiled treasures as she does and examine similarly yet empathetically.
Her works reveal hidden worlds and aim to transport the viewer to a world of imagination, the longer you look the more you will see, in hopes that it will transcend your ways of viewing the bigger world we presently live in.

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