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Love the art I create but want something more sentimental?

Want a custom piece of artwork made just for you or as a gift for a loved one?

Or just have an idea and think my art style can really bring your ideas to life?

You're in the right place!

Here is where I break down my process of commission pieces, how you can go about getting one, and any other important notes I think you should know before committing. 

Types of artworks

Traditional painting 

Digital Painting

Art Toy 

Commercial Work

Slower turnaround times 
A3 or smaller
Mixed medium 
Physical artwork automatically included in price
Price starting at $100

Personal use only 

Fast turnaround times
Up to A1 in size
Drawn on digital program
Physical print of artwork for additional  price upon request or can be applied to products if discussed (eg. t-shirt, slip mat, puzzle)

Price starting at $80

Personal use only

Slower turnaround

Mixed medium 

Physical product 

Price starting at $150

Personal use only

Any medium

For commercial purposes within signed agreement.

Price dependent on terms of use license.

It all starts with a conversation 

To ensure that both parties of this collaborative process are happy, there is a lot of communication involved.

Below is a basic breakdown of the process involved. 

1. Initial consultation 

Ideas, budget, type of artwork, cost.

2. Proceeding with commission

Agreement brief and deposit

3. Visual concepts 

Thumbnail sketches, discussion of changes, approval 

4. Final

Pass one of final, any minor changes, approval

5. Commission complete

Payment of remaining fee, shipment of physical artwork or high resolution file emailed 

If you would like a more in depth breakdown of the process, please fill out the form below to enquire and I'd be happy to send you one through.

Thank you! You'll hear from me soon!

Email below to begin the discussion!

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